6 Catering Trends in 2020

6 Catering Trends in 2020


6 Catering Trends in 2020

Trends are important for businesses to be successful. Businesses need to keep up with what people want, need and like. Following the current and popular trends will help ensure that you are offering what people are looking for. Catering businesses have a smaller market than most businesses and they benefit greatly from following the current trends.

What is a Catering Trend

Trends of any kind do not just happen overnight. They take time to grow from an idea to a trend, and oftentimes this is a slow growth. Caterers use popular trends to reduce waste and increase profit. While there are many popular trends, there are 7 popular trends that I will tell you about.

Popular Trends in the Catering World

With catering there are many trends that can be followed. Because there are many different specialty areas to catering not all trends will work for every caterer. You have event catering, corporate catering, and more.

Having different specialties in the catering industry will lead to differences in trends that work. Locality may also lead to differences in trends as well. Let’s look at some popular trends happening now that will work in all areas of catering.

Plant Based Foods

Gourmet chefs are now using protein rich plants in place of beef. They are using things such as peas, various nuts, mushrooms, beets and other protein rich alternatives. These substitutes are nutritionally viable and renewable resources. The plant-based meat market is a growing trend expected to go well beyond 2020. We can say goodbye to tofu and Hello to other plant-based meat substitutes.

Oat Milk

This in some cases can fall into plant based foods on the menu. Oat milk is a plant based alternative to cow’s milk. It has a creamy consistency, and is considered a better mimic than almond, soy or even coconut milk. This is a growing trend to out last many others. The growing number of allergies to milk products is aiding in the growth of this trend.

Exotic Fruit Cocktails

Cocktails are changing pace and testing new waters. Caterers are finding exciting new flavors in different fruits around the world. You now have some popular options like the prickly pear, yuzu, and dragon fruit. Consumers have been running with these new flavors and finding them enjoyable.


Attendees and consumers have begun to seek a more authentic experience. Many people attending an event that is catered have probably traveled some distance and they don’t want to eat the same things that they can get at home. They want to taste the authentic food of where they have traveled to. Guests are more interested in the authentic Tennessee Barbecue that it is said Tennessee has, so feed them local authentic foods rather than processed and remakes of something famous on the other end of the world.


Promoting gut health and digestion is not just left to advertisements on TV. Foods like Kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, kefir and other foods do more than promote digestive health, they add layers of unique taste to each dish. The use these fermented foods has caught on and isn’t going anywhere for years to come.

Small Plates

Small plate usage is doing many things all at once. For one it is giving consumers smaller portions, leaving room for them to try more dishes on the menu. Consumers still get enough food and they have a wider variety of options. Secondly smaller portions mean there is less wasted food. Thirdly, smaller portions also mean that coordinators will order more dishes to fill their attendees up which means more profit. This trend may last longer in some areas than others.

Thats a Wrap

It does not matter where you live or where you travel to you will find catering trends that fit that area. Many of the trends are going to be the same, however flavors and tastes will change based on location.

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