Best Kids Party on a Budget

Best Kids Party on a Budget


Arranging a kids’ party can be quite a hassle especially if you are on a tight budget. You want to make it awesome, but you do not want to spend too much. Lucky for you, we have put together a list of tips and tricks that can help you save up on the expenses, but not take out the fun from the party.

Here are the secrets to planning an exciting kids’ party on a low budget:

Plan the Dates

If your kid has a birthday coming up that is close to a sibling’s or a friend’s, why not join both occasions. It is double the fun and less work for you. The kids can make up the guest list while you only have to worry about one birthday cake. It is a great way to save cost and when you are not worrying about your budget, you can enjoy the celebrations too.

Gather Supplies Early

Start planning for the party sooner, and do not rush to the store to get last minute supplies. Invest your time in comparing prices and decide what you need, and whether it is cheaper online than the store. Also, search your attic for lost treasures. Maybe you have some party supplies left from last time which are in good shape or you know someone who can lend some decorations to you. Before buying new stuff, always check what you have around the house. You might find something useful.

Send Digital Invites

With so much technology around us, why not make the best of it. According to a recent survey, about 73% families have switched to digital invitations for kids’ parties and birthdays. They are quick and efficient, and cost you nothing. You can edit the electronic invitation anyway you like and choose between different themes, fonts and colors. Instead of sending a plain image, why not create a GIF or better still make a video announcing the big occasion.

Get into DIY

There is nothing like DIY. They are super easy and fun. You can get the kids involved and make party favors, decorations, hats and other things. There is so much you can make and all from simple supplies at home. There are many tutorials online that can inspire you to make DIY crafts. So get creative and make this a fun event rather than a plain old boring one. When you start crafting, you will realize how simple and enjoyable it is. Maybe you might end up making your own piñata.

Decide on the Menu

Instead of hiring entertainers, let the kids have their own fun and invest in the party menu. Keep it simple but make it colorful so the kids can enjoy it. If you are looking for party catering in Phuket, Koh Samui or Krabi, go with Two Chefs Catering. They are very affordable and highly experienced in party catering. They have arranged several kids’ parties and birthdays, and know exactly what children like to eat even if they are not hungry.