Surprising Things Your Event Caterer Won’t Tell You

Surprising Things Your Event Caterer Won’t Tell You


If you are having something catered, you may be wondering about the caterer and the service they provide. Here are some things that you might find surprising about your caterer.

It’s Not All From Scratch

It will depend upon the number of people that the caterer is serving, but some of the food is not going to be from scratch. You’re going to find a number of things that the caterer is serving are bought from a store. this might include powdered eggs, sauces, and other items. Most of the food is going to be fresh but don’t be surprised to find out that some of it is not from scratch.

They Know Temperatures

The caterer knows how to keep food safe. They travel with portable burners, multiple coolers, bags of ice, and other items. They will know how to make a menu which is suitable for the event so that the food is always safe. They will plan the event whether it is indoors or outdoors and ensure that all of the food is kept as safe as possible. The caterer understands the possibility of food contamination so they ensure that all the food is kept at the right temperature so that everyone at the event is served safe food.

They Know Math

You might think that a caterer’s job is just all about food but they must be quite good at mathematics. They must know how many Forks, napkins, bread rolls, ice cubes, and someone that is going to be served at the event. They must have enough food for everyone and have some extra on hand. A caterer understands exactly how much food they are going to need because they work out the numbers beforehand. By hiring a professional caterer, you can actually save money because you won’t be wasting a lot of food.

Your Event Can Be A Challenge For Them

Many caterers will work for a specific venue. The changing a venue can make it a challenge for them to ensure that the event goes off smoothly. They may have to set up a kitchen in an unfamiliar place. they may have equipment that they have never worked with before, there could be lighting challenges and other challenges for the caterer. They may be under a lot of stress to ensure that the event goes off smoothly. Most caterers can rise to the challenge, but this doesn’t mean that your event might be a challenge for them.

It’s Not Just Food

there can be a lot more to go into a catering event then just food. The Catered maybe doing decorations, arranging tablecloth, or setting up certain place settings. All of this can take time as they have to carefully consider how the event is going to be managed. Some Caterers will do just the food while others will have a more well-rounded approach where they take care of everything. You can always talk to your individual caterer about your needs and specifications for your event.

They Can Handle Problems

A caterer is perfectly able to handle problems that might occur. App and might shatter, food might get burnt, or there might be someone at the event that is gluten intolerant and needs a specific menu item. The caterer has backup plans to ensure that the event runs smoothly and they can handle any unexpected event because they have been through them before. It’s critical that you hire a caterer that has years of experience behind them because they will be better able to handle problems that might occur at the event.

Your Event May Be Used to Test Food

A caterer is always trying to improve their venue. They may be trying out a certain dish during your event to test how well guests like it. You might not know that this is occurring but the caterer might be testing of the dish and using your event as the testing ground. This isn’t to say that the dish isn’t going to be good it’s just that the caterer has to test it on a large group of people to ensure that everyone likes it enough to keep it on the menu.


These are just a few of the things you might not know about your caterer. It’s not all about food as a caterer has a lot on their plate when they work on your event. Make sure you talk to your caterer about your individual needs and specifications to ensure that your event goes smoothly.