What to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

What to Ask Your Wedding Caterer


If you are planning for your big day, you would have surely thought about hiring a wedding caterer. No wedding is complete without a wedding caterer, and choosing the right one is extremely important. Wedding catering is the first thing that your guests will notice, and it sets the tone for the entire occasion. But if you have not dealt with wedding caterers before, how do you know which to choose or more importantly, what to ask them?

Here, we have put together some of the basic things that you should discuss with your wedding caterer when you are making plans for your wedding.

What services are included and not included?

Before you get into the finer details, get a quote from your wedding caterer and ask them about the services that are included and not included. Do they offer any complementary services or provide a discount on a large guest list? Will they be serving appetizers before the main course? Also, think about the additional services that you might require like waiting staff, wine pouring and tray refills, and how much would they charge for them?

Which ingredients are used?

Everyone has a different pallet, and some people are allergic to one thing while others are allergic to another. Check all the specifications regarding how the food is prepared and which ingredients are used. Maybe you do not like the local seasoning or it is too expensive, and you want to go with a different alternative. And if you do want exotic tastes and special spices added to your dishes, how much will the caterer charge and does it fit within your budget? Maybe sample some of their delicacies before making up your mind.

How much waiting staff is available?

Think about the server to guest ratio, and decide whether it is enough to entertain your guests without them having to wait to be served. When you calculate the server ratio, do not just include the waiting staff, consider other important people involved too like the cooks, chefs, bartenders, coffee pourers, cake cutters, etc.

Has the caterer served at your venue before?

This is a very important question because not all menus suit the same venue. If a wedding caterer has not served at your venue before, they might not be familiar with the size of the location, the kitchen facilities or the transportation accessibility of the place. Talk to your wedding caterer and ask them how they will execute the meal at your wedding. You could go with them to the actual venue to discuss ideas.

How will the food be prepared?

You should also ask the caterer whether the food will be prepared in the kitchen or on-site. You have to evaluate the cost in each case, and decide which option suits you better.

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