Why Go For a Local Caterer: Tips for an Effortless Destination Wedding

Why Go For a Local Caterer: Tips for an Effortless Destination Wedding


Well you’ve done it. You’re happy, you’re engaged, and now you have to plan one of the biggest events of your life. There are so many decisions to make. Where should you get married? Who will do the ceremony? Big ceremony, little ceremony. Tuxes must be rented; a dress must be bought. What’s your color scheme? The decisions never seem to end. You have to consider cost, feasibility, and a life of expectations. But what’s one thing you need to consider? If you’re having a destination wedding, who should cater it?

Most people have their favorite food place where they live. Maybe you like the taco store down the street. Maybe you thought barbecue would be fun. You could have gone the traditional route, offering chicken, beef, and a vegetarian option. Whatever you prefer, you should only consider one option: Local catering.

When you’re traveling a distance, the food needs to be locally made. This is for a number of reasons.


If your wedding is a long way from home, distance alone will determine where you can get food from. Your favorite caterer at home is probably not going to be willing to travel 1000 miles to your destination wedding. In the event that they are willing to do so, you would need to shell out the extra money for travel expenses, hours worked, and any other expenses incurred. For most people, this just isn’t feasible.

Ease of Preparation

Local caterers have an advantage when it comes to food preparation. In a scenario where you can get your favorite caterer to travel with you, you would find a whole different host of logistical problems. Where will they store their food? If they can’t store it, where will they purchase it? Where will they prep for the big day? These questions don’t apply to a local catering service. A local service will have a kitchen they can work in. They will have the space they need to prepare, they will have the local stores and markets they use, and they will be entirely better prepared than a non-local caterer of equal skill would be.


Local caterers have another advantage: They’re close to your wedding location. This means any food prepped for your big day will be done on site, or very close by. The less time food spends traveling, the less likely it is to experience some unknown travesty (think falling below safe food temperatures, falling out of a van, those kinds of things). You want your food to spend the least amount of time in the car, van, or truck as is humanly possible. The caterer down the street from your destination venue is going to be best equipped for these situations and know how to spend the least amount of time traveling with your precious cargo.

An easy tip to make your wedding catering simpler is to look for a destination wedding package. These are tailor-made for people just like you who want their perfect day to happen in the perfect place. Whether on a ski resort, on a beach, or next to your favorite amusement park, a full destination wedding

package will include some of the best caterers they can. Even better, they’ll be local. Remember, when you’re planning your big day, local caterers will serve you the best.

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