5 Reasons to Cater Your Holiday Party

5 Reasons to Cater Your Holiday Party


The holidays are coming up, and with them, the stress of getting all your relatives together. Your politics will be criticized, your career berated, and the never-ending, “So when are you going to get married?” How do you ease at least some of this stress? Cater your holiday parties. Holiday parties almost always revolve around one thing: The food.

When trying to impress holiday guests, the food is the centerpiece of the occasion. For thanksgiving, people come to try the moist turkey, the buttery mashed potatoes, and the perfect cranberry dessert. But what if you have fifteen guests coming over? Do you have time to cook for all of these people, and clean, and decorate? Most of us don’t. So, what’s the solution? Simple: hire a caterer.

Why should I hire a caterer?

Save Yourself Some Time

The number one reason to hire a caterer is to save yourself some time. The amount of time required to cook Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is astronomical. You have to prep the day before, so items that are meant to be served cold are cold. You spend the entire day in the kitchen, missing out on most of the fun, trying to perfect all the hot food. Why waste all this time? Spend Thanksgiving Day watching parades and eating appetizers with your family. Spend the holidays how you should: enjoying the company of the people you love.

Save Money

You have to pay caterers. That’s a fact that we all acknowledge. In the long run, however, it is cheaper to hire a caterer than it is to buy all the food you need, prep it, and cook it. They buy food wholesale, which offers deep discounts to those who buy items in bulk.

Offer a Larger Menu

Offering a wide variety of food is difficult if you have to make it all yourself. The prep work, the shopping, the cooking, finding oven space, and your own expertise limit what you have the ability toprovide to your family and friends. Caterers offer large menus, packages, and choices. If there’s a recipe you’d like to try, the holidays aren’t the time to do it yourself. Caterers can offer you the ability to try new recipes that you didn’t have the opportunity to master. Did the newest in-law in your family make a request from their culture that you’ve never even heard of? The caterer may be able to make it!

Reduce Your Stress

The worst part of the holidays is the stress. It doesn’t matter exactly what the cause of the stress is, from Grandma making it up the stairs to seeing your cousin who just got his new promotion. If you can ease the stress and provide yourself peace of mind, why wouldn’t you? Knowing that the food for your holiday will be cooked, delivered, and kept warm or cold by professionals will put you at ease. Your Thanksgiving turkey and your Christmas ham will be juicy, perfect, and worry free.

Create the Right Ambiance

Finally, catering helps provide the perfect atmosphere in your house. We don’t all like entertaining, but the ease of catering will make your home (or your venue) the perfect place. The food can make your party the talk of the town, and the awkwardness of explaining that you cooked for the first time is nonexistent.

There you have it. Caterers are the way to avoid the stress, save time and money, and make your holiday party unforgettable. Find a caterer near you today!

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