Cheap But Elegant Wedding Giveaway Ideas for 2019

Cheap But Elegant Wedding Giveaway Ideas for 2019


Wedding favors are a very old tradition and it is a nice thing to do to give your guests a small token to remember your wedding by, but weddings are expensive enough and a large guest list can mean that favors for everyone is just another large cost if you are not careful. For the couples who want to give favors they want to buy something nice but at a small unit price and that can sometimes be a challenge so here are some ideas that are trending in 2019.

Wedding candles, these come in many forms. Candles in decorated tins with different decorative themes or decorated glass tea light holders which can be used to light the wedding tables as well as being the favor to take home. If choosing these, you may want to get scented candles that also add to the ambiance of the wedding. If you prefer you can you can get candles that are gift wrapped for giving to the guests and these can come with themes too or sparkles to match your wedding colors. There are beeswax candles that are made from hand rolled pure beeswax sheets for the more rustic themed wedding. All are available personalized to the happy couple to make that special little gift and as you can see there is plenty of choice in just this one little gift.

One real novelty is the diamond bubbles gift. This little plastic diamond capsule contains bubble mixture. The guests can then blow bubbles as you leave for your honeymoon. This adds a little extra to photographs and is a handy gift for children to enjoy.

Another idea is to give the guests personalized pens but if this seems a bit old hat how about personalized bottle opener key rings, or personalized match boxes. There are plenty available with different designs to suit your wedding theme and express your personalities.


For an eco-friendly wedding how about little Wooden Nickel Magnets again these have the ability to express yourselves and are useful little things for your guests. They can also be used as “save the date reminders” before the wedding should you need ideas for those too.

A little metal bucket is an idea with a difference, these come in silver or white and can be planted with flowers or filled with sweets or even a candle for your guests to enjoy. They add infinite possibilities for you to personalize your gift and may appeal to gardeners or just as a novelty item.

Personalized sandalwood fans are another option you could consider and probably a little feminine but these may go well for the ladies with pens or bottle openers for the men and little bubble bottles for the children.

These are just some of the ideas available and everything has the opportunity to be personalized in more ways than just adding your names and the date, so I am sure whatever you chose your wedding favors will be a lovely little gift for your guests to cherish.


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