Do’s and Don’ts When Attending a Chinese Wedding

Do’s and Don’ts When Attending a Chinese Wedding


If you are attending a Chinese wedding you might not know exactly how the wedding is going to take place, what to wear or what to do at the wedding. Here are some tips to make attending a Chinese wedding easier for you.

Do Bring Cash Gifts

One of the typical things that Chinese wedding guest bring is cash. This is given in a red envelope and the cash gift is called li shi. The amount that you give should be similar to what you would receive at your own wedding and this can be the starting point for you to decide how much money you want to give.

Don’t Give These as Gifts

There are several things that you don’t want to give as a gift at a Chinese wedding. Some of these include books, clocks, fans, chrysanthemums, or daisies. Flowers are usually given at funerals and they are not a good idea for a Chinese wedding. You should also avoid giving things that come in a set of four. The best idea is to simply give a cash gift for a Chinese wedding to avoid giving an inappropriate gift.

Do Wear Colors

It’s important at a Chinese wedding to wear any color except red, black, or white, the bride will probably be wearing red so you want to avoid wearing this color at a Chinese wedding. both the color white and the color black or associated with mourning and death so you don’t want to wear these. it is fine to have accessories that are white or black you just don’t want to wear a dress or suit that are in these colors.

Don’t Attend If Pregnant

If you are pregnant, it is a good idea to avoid the wedding. the Chinese believe in what is called qi. She’s a life force in newlyweds and pregnant women. It is said that the luck of being pregnant could clash with the luck that the newlyweds have and it might potentially harm a newborn baby that the newlyweds might have in the future.

Do Expect a Big Meal

When you attend a Chinese wedding, you need to come with an appetite. There will be a traditional eight-course dinner which can be quite extravagant and this may last more than 2 hours. You will be served traditional foods such as roast suckling pig, fish, Lobster, pigeon, and shark fin soup.. For dessert you’re often fed red bean soup which signifies happiness and the sweetness of life

Don’t Attend If You’re Morning

You don’t want to go to a Chinese wedding if you are in mourning. If you have recently experienced a family loss it is considered disrespectful to attend a Chinese wedding 100 days have not passed since the event. It is said that it might bring it bad luck to the newlyweds if you attended the wedding during the mourning period.


These are some of the do’s and don’ts of Chinese weddings. You need to understand that a Chinese wedding that can be quite different from a traditional western wedding. As long as you follow these tips you should be fine when you go to a Chinese wedding.