How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Planner For You

How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Planner For You


When it comes to planning a wedding, it can be a pretty daunting thought. There are so many things to think of and so much to do it isn’t surprising people feel they need a professional to make everything run smoothly. This means the first really big question is how to choose a perfect wedding planner for you.

To start with you need to find out who and what is available in your area and if you talk to friends and family about their wedding experiences you will be surprised how much you can find out. Even if people haven’t recently got married themselves, they may know someone who has and may have been to the wedding so can personally comment on the experience.

Armed with this information you can then search the web for the wedding planners you have heard about and any more in the area. Personal recommendations can lead you to or from certain planners but you can also look for reviews and recommendations for different companies on line. Maybe they have Instagram accounts and you can see previous weddings they have been involved with.

Be aware that different wedding planners cover different services. Some may do literally everything while others may only oversee arrangements and let you choose suppliers. You need them to do as much or as little as you want so before you even contact them it may be as well to make a list of things you know you want. Maybe you want to use your normal hairdresser for the special day and do your own makeup or you may decide you want to really push the boat out and have a fully specialised hairdresser and makeup artist to come to you, that you want the planner to recommend and arrange. Every detail has these two polar opposites and you need to think about what you want so that when you do finally decide to hire a planner, you are both aware of how much and how little they are expected to do.

Once you know what you want and have chosen a planner you think might be right for you, then arrange to meet them and discuss all your needs.

If you like the person and feel you can trust them to support you on your big day, then go ahead and hire them but if you have any nagging doubts, gut reaction or just don’t like the person then look elsewhere. This is your big day you want a wedding planner that feels like a super organised big sister (or brother). That is in your corner and is capable of dealing with any situation on the day such as bad weather.

Finally, when you have made the decision on the business or person you want then read the contract from beginning to end and make sure you are fully aware what you are paying for, costs of any extras that may occur along the way and contingency plans brought into action. When you are sure you understand everything then sit back and have a beautiful biggest day of your life.

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