How to Put Up an Event

How to Put Up an Event


Thailand is the world’s destination for dream holidays, romantic weddings and corporate getaways. But when it comes to a big event, how do you plan everything? Which hotel do you book, which caterer do you choose, which venue do you pick? All these things can be so crucial to the success or failure of an event, and you cannot have second guesses. Luckily,

Two Chefs Catering in Phuket provides world-class event catering and management services, and they have running the show for several years with great success. They have vast experience in providing services for major corporate events, MICE & team building seminars as well as private occasions like weddings and family reunions.


But what makes an event successful and how can you plan it to be a memorable one? Here are some tips from the industry’s top experts in event planning:


Set a Goal

The key to creating a good event plant is to establish your goals. You need to decide what to include and what to leave out from the very start of your project. That will give you clarity, and will also help you set up a budget. List down all the tasks, and think about the order in which you would carry them out. Always have a backup plan because you never know when you might need one.

Decide on a Budget

Budgeting is very important especially in event planning. Your estimates need to be very accurate, so you do not go over or under the expected investment. You also need to divide the cost and think about things that you are willing to spend more money on. For example, you might go for less lighting but you cannot compromise on the food that you serve your guests.


Think of other costs that can creep in when you are making an event plan like transportation, lodging, delivery charges, etc. If you have friends who have arranged similar events, talk to them and compare the expenditures. Once you have decided on the budget, stick to it.


Mark the Date

Think about the date of the event. Is it going to be during the summer or the winter? Will it be close to school holidays or Christmas? Will you plan for the event on the weekend or a weekday? Is it going to be a day event or a night one?


These questions are very important, and they will help you decide on the best time that you can set up for the event keeping in mind the preference and availability of your guests.


Location, Location, Location

The location of venue of the event is extremely important. The entire event depends on the ambience of the venue. Is it accessible, is it large enough for the guests, is there enough parking space? Think about all these questions before finalizing the event location. These days Wi-Fi is almost a necessity, so think about that too.

Hire a Caterer

Every event needs a good caterer to make the occasion a huge success. With Two Chefs Catering, all your event catering needs are taken care of. They can even help you with venue arrangements, and get you in touch with other vendors needed for the event.