Top 10 Wedding Etiquette You Should Always Keep in Mind

Top 10 Wedding Etiquette You Should Always Keep in Mind


Weddings today are very varied, can be held almost anywhere, and with as many styles as the bride and groom care to imagine. Somewhere along the line though there must be some rules and modern ways are often driven by old manners. Etiquette actually means ‘a code of polite behaviour in society’ and even at the wackiest seeming weddings family and friends are important to witness this special day. Here are our top 10 wedding etiquette you should always keep in mind.


  1. Guest List. There is no formal wedding without guests and the rules of etiquette state that the Bride, Groom and both sets of parents should create a list of people to invite between them. Then the bride and groom decide on a final trimmed list of the required number of people.
  2. Which associates and friends need to be invited? The answer to that is simple only the ones who are true friends. Do not feel compelled to invite your boss or the lady who serves you at the supermarket because you always chat to her. If your boss is also a friend, then invite them otherwise why spoil a perfect day?
  3. Invitations are always tricky and with something so important as a wedding “save the date” cards can be sent out six to 8 months before the big day. If the wedding is being held away from home in a prime location, then invitations need to be sent 3 months prior to the wedding to allow for people to prepare. If the wedding is local, then invites should be sent 6 to 8 weeks before. All invites should include a dress code and any other information guests need such as the relevant bridal registry.
  4. The Rehearsal Dinner is usually the responsibility of the groom’s parents. It is normally held after the wedding rehearsal before the big day. It is a get together for the parents, bride and groom, the bridal party and groomsmen. If the groom’s parents decide they want to invite other people, they can also do that.
  5. The Bridal Party. Maids of Honour, Bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys. Your wedding may have all or just one of these people who work hard to support you on the day and it is traditional to buy a gift for these people which is presented at the reversal dinner.
  6. The Ceremony. This is often dependant on the religion or beliefs of the bride and groom and so varies according to the etiquette of that choice.
  7. The Photos. Stepparents should always be In family photos even if they do not get on.
  8. The Reception. This usually starts with the guests offering their best wishes to the couple as they enter. Then any food and cocktails are enjoyed followed by the speeches
  9. The bride and groom always have the first dance at the reception and should be toasted by the best man and bridesmaids.
  10. Thank you, cards. The wedding planner should make a list of gifts and who they were given by so that once you are back from your honeymoon this should be a straightforward task.

Finally, whatever your style, Enjoy your big day.


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