How to Get Married in Phuket

How to Get Married in Phuket


Congratulations you’ve decided to get married and have chosen Phuket! How exciting, Phuket is the perfect place for a wedding. There are so many places to get married from beaches, to a five star reception at a hotel. The personalizations will make this the happiest and most awesome moment of your life! You are saying to yourself, “Can we legally get married in Phuket?” Yes, but there are things to be followed to marry in Thailand. Most important is the Letter of Intent. You can fill this out at the embassy or your country’s consulate in Bangkok. Due to having to physically be there plan accordingly. You may only spend a couple of hours or two days. To get this letter you can visit the website of your country if you need to. Just remember you cannot perform this step in Phuket if there’s no consulate that performs this there.

Yay! You’ve got your Letter of Intent and its all notarized, what’s next? Well you’ve got options. Head on over to Phuket and let a wedding planner take care of anything that may be left in terms of paperwork. This is very expensive and takes up to five working days. The cost is about 20,000 BAHT. (approximately 606.12 USD and 839.97 AUD)

Remain about two to three days in Bangkok and go to a translation service. Cost is about 1,500 BAHT. (62.99 AUD and 45.78 CHF)


The cheapest option you have is do it yourself. Of course this will require you to travel all the government departments, but think of how interesting and awesome this could be, getting to see Bangkok. Give yourself four working days at least to ensure you are able to get everything completed. Cost for this is 5,000 BAHT (151.65 USD) and does include taxi fares that you should incur.



What will you need for each marrying partner? Remember to double check with your Embassy to see if you need anything else. Completed State declaration with the vice counsel to witness signature Each persons original Birth Certificate If applicable, Divorce Decrees Identification, a passport will work


All this is very easy, but overwhelming if you don’t know the language or where all you have to go. Here’s what you do. Your Letter of Intent and Passport must be in Thai, then register all this in North of Bangkok City at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After this you are free to go to a local registry you find in Thailand, probably near city hall. Phuket Town is in Phuket. Again, your presence is mandatory here because after this you married and can go have the ceremony of your dreams. The District Office will come out to you to sign but there is a fee and is a case by case basis. After obtaining your Thai Wedding Certificate don’t forget to have it translated into your Native Language so it’s official where you live.



  • Visit Embassy
  • Continue rest of steps yourself or go through someone else until time to sign wedding certificate
  • Have to have certificate put in your Native Language


This is only one and if you don’t see yours contact your Foreign Office where you live and ask where the Embassy is in Bangkok.

British: www.gov.uk/government/world/organisations/british-embassy-bangkok\

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