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Two Chefs Catering

Holding a wedding in the outdoor environment requires proper planning and arrangements to ensure that all your guests and attenders are well served to their satisfaction. We are the number one Wedding caterer in Phuket and our services can cater for any group of people anywhere in Phuket, Koh Samui or Krabi. A wedding without excellent and delicious food is not nice no matter how many premium features you try to install in your wedding venue. This is why we want to relieve you the burden of organizing who will eat what since we can ensure that we prepare all that you need on your wedding day.

Why Us?

Two Chefs Catering

We have no limitation when it comes to menus that fit you. You can either choose from the Wedding buffet catering menus, or we can simply craft typical menus for your wedding to ensure that we produce what you want. We make small food samples for you to taste and verify whether it satisfies you or not before we supply it to your wedding. Your guests will not eat cold food because we have our own food trucks that have fully equipped kitchens to prepare food on the venue without interrupting people. Our chefs are hygienically okay which guarantees all our clients that they will eat clean food without any food poising cases.

We supply all the drinks and refreshments that you may need to ensure that you have a fully catered wedding. The chairs and tables can also be supplied to ensure that your venue looks perfect and fantastic. We can also arrange the venue for you to ensure that even the photo taking session and entertainment activities take place in an organized manner to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the wedding. We are the Wedding sit down dinner catering that you can rely on for all your wedding needs.

Enjoy Cost Effective Services

Two Chefs Catering

We go by your requirements, and we want to understand your situation before we deliver any catering service to you. From your budget and number of people that are going to attend, we are going to ensure that we come up with the best menus and drinks from breakfast, lunch to supper so that we deliver the best and satisfactory services. Our affordable wedding catering are meant to offer you premium services without having to completely drain your pocket. We plan and rationalize everything with you to ensure that you see the essence of spending every particular coin in the proposed budget.