Event Catering Thailand


Professional Catering

We cater many different styles of events including birthday parties, anniversaries, backyard BBQ’s, dinner parties and graduation dinners. Our team will take care of all your needs to create a unique and hassle free event for any occasion.

We understand how demanding any event planning can be and this is what we will offer the best corporate catering in Thailand. You will meet our team way in advance so that we can understand your specific needs. We will give out recommendations on the menu and other details that would make our corporate catering bring out the best in your event. We also provide Phuket wedding catering services, home catering and any other catering services that you require.

Due to our great wealth of experience and commitment to understand the needs of our clients, we have also been providing catering for fashion show in Thailand. The bottom line is that we are committed to proving exceptional service in any event of your choice.

Tailor-made Services

Our passion drives us to be able to provide services that are tailored to suit your needs. As such, we will give you a brilliant service and ensure that the food is memorable. We will not only meet your desires, but we will aim to surpass your expectations with our delicious and creative menus. We endeavor to use season and fresh ingredients that are sourced locally. This has worked perfectly for corporate events like catering for fashion show in Thailand.

Why Choose Us

We are quite flexible, and we constantly evolve menus that are ideal for every occasion.

We know that you can get food from any place and that is why we will not only serve you food but deliver it with a personal touch. Our team will keep a warm and friendly smile at all times. This will add to the warmth of your event, and this is what makes us stand out even in Phuket wedding catering services. From the moment you make inquiries, we will offer you the best customer service that you can ever imagine.

We will give you a professional coordinator to help with the details of the corporate catering services, through all the stages. We are able to fulfill any special requests that you may have in any type of event. Contact us today for a proposal for the affordable catering services for your event.