Six Reasons To Pick Phuket For Your Destination Wedding

Six Reasons To Pick Phuket For Your Destination Wedding


If you are getting married you may be wondering where you should have the ceremony. Thailand is the perfect place to get married. Phuket in Thailand is the perfect destination for your wedding ceremony for several different reasons.


Great Backdrop

The backdrop in this area is amazing because it sports a natural beauty. The beaches are wonderful but there are other areas such as mountain retreats, jungle lodges, botanical gardens, or even a private villa where you might decide to have your wedding at. There are many different locations in Phuket where you can get married. The backdrop in this area is going to be wonderful and it’s going to set the perfect scene for your wedding.


Great Food

In Phuket you can get many different dishes including all sorts of ethnic Cuisines including local Cuisine. You’ll be able to find just the perfect menu for your wedding in Phuket. If you have your wedding in a local hotel, all the hotels have international chefs and they can serve both local as well as Western food for your guests. You’ll be able to cater to all needs including vegan as well as vegetarian. If you’re looking to serve wonderful food at your wedding, Phuket is your perfect destination.


Cost Effective

It can cost you a lot last to have a wedding in Thailand when you compare it with other destinations. You will find plenty of expert wedding planners in the area to help you plan your wedding. If you want to have a great wedding but save a lot of money, this area can be perfect for you and your guests. It can be quite expensive to have a wedding in a western country. In Asian countries such as Phuket Thailand, it can cost you a lot less and you can get more for your dollar.


Local Traditions

You may want to take advantage of the local traditions such as a blessing ceremony. You can hire a Buddhist monk to bless the wedding couple if you want. The wedding planners in the area can incorporate local Traditions as well as western traditions so you can have the wedding at that works for you. It can be a great idea to incorporate local traditions in your wedding as it can make for a unique wedding experience.


Flowers and Arrangements

Flowers in flower arrangements in Thailand can be quite inexpensive. You could hold your wedding in a garden surrounded by many trees and plants. You could create different flower

arrangements for your wedding take advantage of the lower costs in flower arranging so you can have just the right arrangement for your wedding.


Make it a Holiday

Another great thing about having a wedding in Thailand is that after your wedding you could also have your honeymoon in Thailand and in the Phuket area. There’s plenty for you to see and do in Thailand and it can be just the perfect honeymoon location for after your wedding.



There are many reasons why you might want to get married in Phuket Thailand. This area has plenty to offer you and your guests. You all have an amazing experience if you decided to have a wedding in this area. There are plenty of places to go and plenty of things to do so plan your wedding in Phuket Thailand and now.